Hourly Care

Flexible and reliable in-home aide.

Sometimes, you just need an extra set of hands to help with certain daily activities or during a particular timeframe. Or sometimes, family members caring for a loved one just need to take some occasional personal time away from the home. For these types of scenarios, our hourly care plan can be the most beneficial and affordable option.... 

Live-In Care

Devoted In-home Caregiver Support

With our Live-In Care plan, one of our highly-trained caregivers lives in the clients’ home for consecutive 24-hour shifts, providing round-the-clock companionship and at-home care for clients who need more assistance during the day and a constant watchful eye at night. Our Live-In Care program is an alternative to living in an assisted living or nursing home facility. It provides all the same benefits, while allowing the client to live in the comfort of their own home.... 

24-Hour Care

Compassionate around-the-clock in-home care.

HomeWell’s 24-Hour Care program provides changing shifts of attentive in-home assistance around the clock to ensure your loved one feels at home in their own home any time of day or night. With 24-Hour Care, our HomeWell caregivers truly become an extension of your family. They provide the same care and companionship a family member offers and are always on call. This level of attention can allow your loved one the independence to continue living at home, while giving you the peace of mind of knowing they are safe and well cared for at all times.... 

Care for Couples

The cost-effective solution for couples in need.

When both members of a couple are either aging or incapacitated, caring for one another can become increasingly difficult. This type of scenario is often both a physical and emotional strain on the household. That’s why HomeWell offers Care for Couples for an affordable price, which allows couples to continue to enjoy the companionship of one another without the stress of overcoming their physical limitations to accomplish daily tasks.... 

Transitional Care

Easing the transition back to home life.

Recovering from a trauma can be difficult for anyone. However, it can be especially difficult for an aging senior to transition back to independent life after enduring some type of trauma that required extensive or prolonged out-of-home medical care. They can become reliant on the heightened level of attention, assistance and support found in a hospital or facility setting. Studies have shown that many seniors require rehospitalization shortly after being discharged because they didn’t receive the proper care when they got home. HomeWell’s Transitional Care serves as the perfect bridge between the hospital and independent life at home.... 

The specific care you need, exactly when you need it.

Our knowledgeable and compassionate Care Managers can help you assess which Level of Care and Frequency of Care options are best suited to meet your in-home care needs.

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