When your loved one is facing severe memory and cognitive function loss, the home should be their refuge—a place that inspires hope and reminds them that they are loved.

The familiarity of home brings a much-needed sense of comfort and security for seniors with dementia. Unfortunately, as physical and mental limitations increase due to both aging and the effects of this condition, life at home also creates many unique challenges. That’s when HomeWell’s Dementia Care Support can make all the difference. We’ll look after your loved one and help them manage their symptoms at home, giving you peace of mind and respite from the demands of being a family caregiver.

Our expert Care Managers and handpicked in-home caregivers are trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia support as well as in-home caregiving. You can count on us to be patient and committed to ensuring they receive the attention they need and feel right at home.

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What is Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support?

  • A helping hand: We preserve your loved one’s daily routines to help them retain a greater sense of control and understanding of their environment, including medication reminders and assistance with meal preparation, light housekeeping, grooming, dressing, shopping, hygiene and more. We can also run errands and provide transportation.
  • A watchful eye: We understand their safety is important to you. That’s why we conduct an in-depth home safety assessment and fall prevention evaluation to help them navigate their surroundings and feel more confident as they go about their day. You can rest assured knowing our trained caregivers are ensuring their well-being, providing undivided attention and always ready to help.
  • A compassionate ear: We reassure and provide companionship. We know dementia takes a toll; our caregivers can bring emotional comfort to them as they adjust to their circumstances. By actively listening to them and validating their thoughts and feelings, we help them feel understood and valued.
  • A mental boost: We provide more socialization and engagement opportunities, such as playing games and participating in their favorite hobbies to promote more cognitive stimulation or joining them on outings to help them maintain an active, vibrant life and stay connected to their community—all of which can be beneficial for memory retention and mental health.
  • A trusted voice: We’ll serve as your liaison. With a personal Care Manager and caregivers whom we match to suit your loved one’s needs and preferences, you can count on us to provide dedicated care and consistently monitor the progression of their symptoms to keep you apprised of any changes.

Is Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Right for My Loved One?

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia, it can be difficult for them to navigate life’s challenges on their own. Fortunately, they don’t have to; through our specialized care approach, individuals experiencing memory loss or declining cognitive function can enjoy a better quality of life and receive the help they need to feel secure and comfortable in their homes.

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